All boils down to ease human in whatever they are doing. Essentially in broad terms solving problems with minor difficulty (with automation so that it doesn’t require human intervention), and problems with a higher difficulty (so that it doesn’t take too long to be tedious.)

Understanding Terms


Engineering is mostly about applying researched results, formulas into use so that can be used to solve some real dope shit. Knowing how everything works inside out, can be juiced out for practical use for human daily tasks.

For example, graphene has been investigated by scientists to be proven strongest than diamond having some properties and conditions but how using this backstory of graphene being strongest and lightest, can be applied to daily use for easing things and creating new ways to solve transportation that previously never would have possible.

source: university of manchester

Engineering mainly requiring a routine of planning, designing, building, and at last, applying it into the mainstream.

So the real question is can you build something using methods that scientifically give success rate to solve a problem through cleverly thinking.


Technology in easier terms can be seen as a byproduct produced by applying scientific research, coding, formulas. Technology is mainly for solving problems (easing humans task through computer computation or interaction)

Technology variations

 – Example: HTML is a web technology that helps in developing pages that solve the problem of availability of the resource.

 – Example: Deep learning is an AI Technology that solves complicated problems that humans intuitively does but computers find it hard to understand. Deep learning solves this by building complex concepts on top of simple concepts.)


The Things from which we can understand why things work and how things work, specifically the SYSTEM OF REASONING behind everything that we look with skepticism, enables the growth for reasoning and digging deeper to work out the working or mechanism behind it.

Science is an abstraction of perspective, means that there are a lot of things we want to know how they work and “reason” how they work so perfectly and fit in the big puzzle of nature, changing perspective into different spaces derives the fields in sciences. For example: how birds fly, it is obvious for them and surely birds cant explain to us, but we have more intelligence(the composition of reasoning, perception etc) than the animal that is actually flying.

Ability to observe the characteristics of flying, making it do what it’s doing. Copying it and understand it by doing systematic experiments to create a reason-backed knowledge base about it. All the collection of knowledge that is acquired by experiments in that changed perspective field becomes that branch in ‘system of reasoning for everything’. An example such as the Wright brothers or Davinci’s flight model:

Wright Brothers flight model

There are master peoples that have mastered the art of reasoning by understanding the previously collected knowledge, revise and improve if required the holes in the system of reasoning. Curious to dig deeper for a lot of things that are yet left to back the reason.

It can be understood like this if there is a model that can be able to tell the label which in this case is REASON of how something works… And the corresponding data point is the actual things that we are trying to find the reason behind it.

I hope you understood some parts, if not fully.

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