In the family of qbittorrent, the year of 2016-2019 has been most rough in terms of privacy, numerous country has passed censorship, torrent sites have been closed and reopened (KAT) with fresh plans. It also a fresh year to accept those terms and start with new guidelines and format. Talking about the pool of torrents have been known by everyone (i assume) where the users become the part of the swarm as soon as they downloaded the files.

The download of many open-source documents, music, and movies is done via a client through a torrent file which contains a list of the tracker to find peers (people who downloaded the same file).

Features of qBittorrent

Some torrent applications have an impact with speed features while others have some security features, but the one that has most of the features composed to one is what needed the most. In accordance with it, new features and security fixes with speeding performances qBittorrent have to lead up in the list of BitTorrent clients. Let’s take look at its features which making it lead to other choices.

  • Usage of less CPU and Memory as possible
  • It boasts an integrated torrent search engine, media player, encryption, prioritization of torrents and the files within those torrents.
  • IP filtering and torrent creation, and it’s the closest open source, junk-free equivalent to uTorrent.
  • Similar user interface with µTorrent (for a smooth transition).
  • Integrated and customizable search: on most popular BitTorrent search sites.
  • support for all BitTorrent extensions: Magnet/BitComet, Peer Exchange, DHT, etc.
  • Advanced control for trackers, peers, and torrents (torrent queueing and prioritizing).
  • Support for UPnP / NAT-PMP ports forwarding.
  • Bandwidth scheduler and sequential download.
  • detailed torrent info: size, status, seeds, peers, download and upload speed, ratio, etc.

UI Secure Lock

It has a simplified UI with a non-complex overlay with the feature at its context menu of downloading files with “sequential order” or “downloading start and end first”. Adding to that Security-key feature with which you can lock whole application so no can see what you are downloading.   

qBittorrent UI Lock

Torrent Search window

The most wonderful feature qBittorrent provided within the application is its search option which can be enabled by the “View” menu. With this feature, you can search torrent files and select over seeds and leechers to that particular torrents. This only works when python 2.x is installed in the system. The interface looks something like this:  


It’s not over until I provide you with other clients also, so that if qBitTorrent discomforts, you can choose another among the best.

Alternative Clients with features

  • Tixati (Channels, DHT, No Ads & spyware)
  • uTorrent (free & paid, streaming preview, multiple device support)

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