Many Speed-typers or bloggers have met situations of accidental touch clicks when they are frustrated with the movement of their trackpad with their palm, which is most undesirable also the time when you want to clean your computer while it’s turned ON.

Compensating that, here we are going to talk about a lightweight software namely ” Touch Freeze ” which helps you lock accidental clicks that usually occur.

Touch freeze

Touch Freeze

Touchfreeze is a utility of windows that automatically lock down your touchpad as you start typing in the keyboardso that no accidental touch clicks happen. It continuously monitors your keystrokes to decide when to disable the touchpad.

The touchpad can be deactivated the long way by accessing the ‘Mouse Properties’ section in Control Panel, but TouchFreeze makes it all much more simple. Furthermore, you don’t have to lose time re-activating the touchpad each time you need it again since this application does this as soon as you stop typing.

As the touch freeze starts it goes to the system tray and starts its working from there. Designed with simplicity in mind, the application does not require any configuration. When running in the system tray, it detects when you start typing and disables the laptop touchpad momentarily. This way, you prevent the execution of any unwanted action while typing and your hand accidentally graze the touchpad.

When sliding the touchpad surface by mistake, having the cursor change its position within a document, clicking on an option or selecting another window while you type might be rather frustrating since you can end up writing complete nonsense in your texts or emails.

Software is a lightweight 300KB setup, easy to use, comes in handy. You simply have to make sure that TouchFreeze runs in the system tray and carry on with your work, without worrying about unintended touchpad taps.

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Prevent accidental touch clicks when:

  • Playing Full Fledge Game
  • Cleaning while system turned ON
  • Protecting from accidental child use

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