Rushing in a daily routine is common, mostly having a run after a bath to school/office work. In this rush, most of the time people prefer to go with what’s convenient to them in the context of bathwater – Hot or cold. Maybe the season affects the decisions or some other reason could be possible. Even If we are not into the rush and just want to relax a bit, then there always said to use a most preferable temperature of the water which is HOT water. The reason behind that was mostly neglected to explain by mere short statements but not the scientific explanation.

Therapeutic experiment

So, during my exam preparation leave, I thought to put my legs into hot water because the season was winter and it was chilled out there. But plan to study along with dipping legs in the bucket (which was a bad plan, really). The moment I dipped, a quick sensation of being loose and relief ran all over the body. Really it was the most relaxing moment that I was not aware that could happen. But why all that happened and what was actually happening? Lets post mortem this situation into answers for every step as sensation started and also going through fact and study/methods stated by Ayurveda.

1. Skin reacts to the temperature we provide relative to what it actually adapted. Meaning that we could tell the difference in temperature by sensing.

2. The consequence of this sensing makes the brain tell how to react.

3. By many practices, it’s been seen that cold water makes skin excited and hot water lose the contraction and gives a sense of relief. (the “aha” moment).


Reason for relaxation from hot water

Now comes the brief explanation, There are chemicals present in certain parts of the brain called Endocrine Fluids. These Fluids are responsible for causing sleepiness. These are mainly found in the hypothalamus. A certain temperature of the water on your skin comes sensory neurons to become Stimulated in a certain way, causing them to send a unique signal to the brain. This signal causes the ‘sleep activator’ to be released and transported around the body. It causes muscles to relax more and slows your heart rate.  

By Ayurveda, hot water provides many positive effects,

1. Ayurveda suggests that drinking warm water before bed remove toxins in the body.
2. A good glass of warm water is secret to good health and skin.
3. Reduce body pain: warm water with carom seeds (ajwain)
4. Water required: 3 to 4 liters per day.

People make fun of when they consume hot beverages in the hot season. When you drink a hot beverage. you sweat a lot for some time that leads to a rise in body temp and water tries to cool down by sweating cleans the skin cells by taking out excess water and salt from cells and body.

So, there’s that! Coldwater has its different advantages and hot water has its own when to use which is the right play of selection. But my suggestion would be not dipping your legs into hot water when the plan is to study for exams — just DON’T do that otherwise you’ll be asleep like me.   Let me know your thoughts on it. Please send your kind feedbacks or replies.

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