I’m going to illustrate simple math and model around it some words to make you understand that even simple math can tell us or rather we can think that math is telling us in some way that hard-work and procrastination are important and critical keywords in the routine of life. And the way or method by which we can percept about them is on ourselves and no one else even if others help you to see but in their way, Ultimately you have to boil down to YOUR way. Ok, Now enough blabber, let me simply write an equation:

  —– (i)   and          

 —– (ii)

You may be thinking by now that, heck! it’s fooling with grade 1 math. But if you look closely and think that, numbers which are lower like ‘4’ in the equation is like a ‘Level’. And when you are at a level like that which is not far from ground level 0. it needs a much more amount of work (denoted by number 905)  or ‘Times’ of work is needed to reach a specific level which is in this case 36020. Now I simply modeled words around it to build a rage for numbers in our mind and kind of a character developed in mind.

So if I were to say that when you reach a higher level or far from ground level, as can be thought by  ‘905’ (number in eq(ii)). It takes little effort to make it to the desired level. Now change of thoughts, and how about supposing that when you reached a desired level i.e 36020. you are happy, partying, celebrating.

Procrastination leads to fall

This the point of procrastination when you reach the level. Mindset may change and may happen that from reached point 36020, you procrastinated 905 times which leads you to the same position you started. which is harmful because of people’s age, philosophies don’t and neither math. So it’s a simple thought which has numerous possibility in thinking in math perspectives. Find a way up to the 36020. When that happens, it requires, ‘UNDIVIDED’ attention towards raising more higher. by multiplying with little-little efforts.

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