Digital Marketing has always been a fascinating subject for me but rather more mystery because there are people who have accomplished with their passions, been growing it indefinitely. In this ocean of digital content, to my understanding, without a mentor, lacks a guiding compass and people unaware of it become incapable of surviving harsh situations & usually get drowned by fading motivations.

Recently, I’m fortunate for the opportunity by taking internship lessons on Digital Marketing from field master. I’ll delve into some of the learning notes which I found beneficial as a beginner in the first session.

Identify & Target Market Needs

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The session began with a key understanding of identifying market opportunities which was well put into words “Deciding where to compete is half the success“. And there are boundless opportunities even if it seems bounded, which expands to create more needs to target. Such that it relates to finding the gold in the potential market.

Also, the circulation of money was exemplated to describe the situation of recession and deflation for a country. Increasing Debt being the main reason for the country’s economy to boom, with stronger companies withstanding any crisis, weeding out the weaker.

People will always pay money for value.

Good Marketer is a Good Communicator

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I’ve been distracted since my school about good communication. But always fascinated by people around me, with their ability to speak with confidence. It was this time when the subject of communication had knocked again on improvement. I’ve taken some valuable points to focus and reflect:

  • Becoming a good communicator is a path to a good marketer. With knowing when & how to communicate that make people take action.
  • Listening is as much important as delivering, it is important both ways for learning.
  • Complex vocabulary is not a necessity for communication.
  • Tools don’t communicate, people do. People-to-people communication can’t be replaced.
  • Automation can’t affect communication & psychology.

Exercises to practice: Reading Books (easy to hard), Writing 500 words/day, podcast & watching web series with/without subtitles.

Course Structure

With the importance of content being the primary source of communication, the course structure was laid out to understand that Trust plays a vital role (Trust + Content) in building better. The structure has followings segments focusing on Integrated Digital Marketing Schema :

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Sales & Conversions

Niche & Competitor Research

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Riches are in the Niches

The topic has always left somewhere back in my mind that, it’s limited to people with good analytical skills. But it came to my surprise which convinced me, it’s doable by anyone dedicated. With tools to understand the competition and positioning as one in the market when someone is something to somebody, but nothing to no-one when we become everything to everyone. The meaning being, specializing in something is not listing out, but gaining more.

Niches are market opportunities created with unfulfilled problems/holes in the market, which can be found out by looking at your own or available already. By “Scratching your own itch” becoming a specialist in solving them, one can grow much bigger.

With keyword research, one can find market needs. And when there is high purchase intent/purchase-gut-feeling in any keyword, there is a market opportunity. Importantly looking long-tail keywords gives narrower niche ideas.

Niche & Competition research tools: Moz, Ahref, Ubersuggest,, Google Trends, Google autosuggest, Answer the Public, Search Console, etc.

As the session concluded, my realization as a beginner about some points on digital marketing was clarified. The internship builds on reinforcing the learning to both theory & practice. Completion of each assignment gives rewards as an incentive that pushes us to do more. This 12-week program is a good opportunity to learn basics and hand-on digital marketing.

Go ahead & read about my internship mentor Digital Deepak (Deepak Kanakaraju)