Personal Branding is the most essential idea behind people who successfully built their careers around passion. And personally, when I came to know that this was the term coined for it, I was really intrigued to know more about the secrets of someone branding himself in industry and spread his interests to reach more audiences.

Looking at the people at platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and others. It is clear to see that these persons have put their passion, purpose & knowledge to build themselves useful to the people in their niche. And we are going to look at those ways to more vary about self-branding.

But, if you are lagging behind by any previous sessions, here’s a quick summary.

  • Session 1 was about looking Market Opportunities for target unfulfilled demands.
  • Session 2 focused on the building portrait of our target audience as a customer avatar.
  • Session 3 helped in the understanding of human psychology to inspire, influence and guide with better copywriting.

With that said, let’s go ahead and look at the key takeaways from Session 4 on personal branding.

Focus on One

Focusing on a single thing is the most essential way to keep ourselves from distributed attention.


It can be thought as if sticking to one thing like a postage stamp, which when attached to the box, travels until it had reached its destination.

By sticking to a single thing, one can effectively see results illustrated by the Pareto principle which goes by saying — “80% of the results come from the 20% of effort”. Also popularly known by the law of vital few or 80/20 law as mentioned in the book The One Thing.

Build a Brand

When focused on building a brand, the returns are recognized to be 10 times from the industry and are likely to attract more people as a professional being.

Simply a brand could be one with using skills to become an Educator, Freelancer, Soloprenuer, Starting own Product service or having a skill while doing a job.

And when this skill is to be served, it is essential to let people know about our skills and services to have recognition as a brand, where more people get to know about the brand. Eventually becoming the possibility of the network becoming our networth.

This way when one wants to build a brand he needs to put himself consistent in creating valuable content. Because as long as content appears useful to the audience, it can build a trustable view about the creator. Now, Along with content when a face is associated with it, the content appears to stand the person out in the crowd.

For standing out from the crowd, one could lead his personal branding by:

  • Having a professional look
  • Overcoming the fear of the camera
  • Being able to present his views

Understanding Branding Funnel

Personal branding can be segmented into the parts of funnels. Mainly building a chain of Awareness, Credibility, Reputation, and Fame.


Let’s take a look at the segments:

Awareness: This is where people get to know about the first impressions of the brand through content, Blog, Video, etc.

Credibility: It is about spreading the word through ourselves. By putting ourselves as the marketer of our efforts done during creating content and spreading how much the value is created along the path helping others. For example, putting oneself as an SEO expert and spreading how people found his services helpful.

Reputation: It becomes the point of unshakable, strong-rooted recognition from the people, where a kind of trust is established with the audience.

Fame: When reputation is built by recognition, then it came received from people as fame. This is where a person is more popular and demanded his skill.

These segments put together builds a direction for a person to build his own personal brand.

Have a Clear Mindset

One should have a clear mindset of treating each thing as an experiment.

So, even when having no road map whatsoever, one can find his way by experimenting and understanding each thing that works in the path.

In creating this trial and experimented path, it is more likely that one will be going to receive risk. But as mentioned in the book Zero to One:

The high risk brings high rewards.

By becoming a calculated risktaker rather than a reckless risktaker, one should be planful and measure his risks, which can later give higher rewards as an outcome.

Materials of a Brand

Whether one is planning for his own brand by showing a face or work behind the curtains, the following are the materials that build the personal brand effectively:

  • Online Presence with Website (Buy a Website here)
  • Having a Custom Email ID
  • Brand Identity: Logo, Pre-setted Color Schemes.

By using the above-mentioned, one can create a basic minimum for a personal brand. But, with effectively using tools like Analytics and Search Console, one can respond to people’s interests and needs positively.

While using the tools, one should track his visitors on a monthly basis. This can help in recognizing the effect of compounding on visitor growth when efforts are put consistently.


Let’s conclude by putting it simply — Personal branding can help achieve more by helping us being recognized outside the crowd. And when the effort is given consistently then the compounding effect takes place giving the 10 times higher rewards in the long run.

Personally, I have learned about having clarity in leading by experiment which always opens the doors to risk but also rewards extremely. Thereby forcing ourselves to do what we never had done previously.

With that said, I hope you had a good read and planning to take the next step in building your personal brand.

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