Password Managers can be seen as keykeepers. Many of you, at some point, have created the same password for multiple social sites, blogs or premium featured sites. That leaves you vulnerable because once others know your password by chance (any one of them) would reveal for all your belonging websites. Then you start crying and blabbering about your account has been hacked. So better option is having a Password manager, your own guy that keeps your secret passwords. 

I will be telling you about 4 best password managers down here with there features, So here it goes:

Lastpass (Password Manager)

Lastpass has been an award-winning password manager. The Beauty is that its available for Popular Mobile (Android, iOS, etc) and Desktop OS platforms (Windows, Mac, etc).


  • Password Generator
  • Page filler
  • Autologin
  • Secret Notes
  • Utilizes AES 256bit encryption implemented with PBKDF2 encryption keys and salted hashing.

It enables the user to store and sync data, passwords between different devices. All sensitive user data is encrypted and decrypted locally on the user’s machine so that only encrypted sensitive information is ever synced with LastPass. They claim they can’t access passwords and master passwords which are shared with LastPass.


It comes with three plans: Free, Premium and Enterprise, you can try the enterprise which has multiple features. Free is always free obviously, but with fewer features or limited features.




Dashlane is a very sharp and easy to use interface, for storing passwords, form auto-fill, the log of shop order receipts. It started as a beta version in 2012, since then it updated to provide some good new features like telling if any of your site passwords have been hacked and with its strong password generator it helps in building a strong one. It lets you import passwords from other password managers also and adding to that it indicates the strength of passwords.

It’s one password to unlock all password type manager. Here like LastPass, you have to provide a master password which is very essential to remember (because if you forget this you have to reset your account and data will be deleted).

Dashlane supports two-factor authentication and also provides some codes to level up the security of your passwords. Dashlane supports Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS, and has plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It’s free to download and use, but if you want your passwords synced across devices, you’ll need Dashlane Premium, at $40/yr.

Download Dashalne:

Download Dashlane Chrome extension:

Sticky Password

Sticky is one that comes with a Biometric solution. Apart from that its also similar to Dashlane and Last pass which installs on your desktop, android. You need to have a premium to get a cloud sync feature. It also has a random password generator and web-form auto-fill. the best thing about this is biometric: scan your fingerprint to authenticate identity. If you don’t trust cloud enough then cool feature wifi sync is your thing in this password manager.

Sticky Password is worth trying, the interface is easy to use , but if you want to access the cool biometric authentication tool and Wi-Fi syncing, you’ll have to pay. It costs around $20 for a year’s subscription.

Download sticky password:


1Password is a charm that every device looks to have in them, it’s like a digital wallet, easy to use, flexible, works smoothly on every browser it meets. It has a special feature bundle that you may expect to be a premium. 1passwords look great comes with a password generator that generates a strong password every time for your private notes and other login credentials. Perhaps best of all, 1Password can be used locally only, without syncing any information to the web, or you can use it across all of your devices by syncing your encrypted vault via Dropbox, iCloud, Wi-Fi, or shared network folder it’s completely up to you.

1Password supports Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS, with plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. One of 1Password’s stand-out features is that you get a premium product for a one-time fee—you can download and try it out for free, or buy a single license for $50.

Download 1Password:  


It may occur on your path of neurons highway, why to use such managers couldn’t I make my mind to remember all my passwords?. Sure you can but at some point, you may forget due to multiple ambiguities of passwords or you may be watched by a keylogger then its not likely to type your passwords right away. at that case, password managers come to rescue. It lets you auto-fill the social webpage so that key-logger doesn’t get a chance to record any of the strokes of passwords. Cool right 🙂

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