If you’re a Networking student then it’s natural you have come across Protocol Terminologies. And maybe want to understand it better than what is taught. Here we’ll be attempting to grasp it with an analogy, it’s going to be fun.

All are Analogies that makes understanding easy.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Now Suppose you have won “Who Wants to be a millionaire” and you got an amount of 1 crore. Then this money is the main asset, that needs to be sent to a person living in Haryana place. You might say simply, do simply Net banking transfer and stuff, but assume this is confidential money than what can we do.

You arranged a truck driver who travels often to Haryana, which will transfer to the intended recipient of the money.

Now, Here is the thing, that could resemble time terminology in protocols. You carried the money in the bag (means you are a node with the packet in your bag). Locked the house, ready to go outside from the front door. As you start your journey from the front door and travel with sweat on your face knowing you have money. the journey from the front door to the truck driver somewhat resembles the Transmission time of a packet. Also, this situation when you travel from house to a driver where you think every person will snatch your bag (even though others don’t give a shit) is also known to be vulnerable time in some protocols terminologies of Aloha-Network.

So, the time taken for you to reach the driver from home is Transmission time and now its job Driver to deliver to Haryana via Truck. This travel is longer and resembles as Propagation time. The driver may go slow or fast, in a narrow highway lane (low bandwidth) or broader highway lane (high bandwidth) that depends on the road right? It could be one way (half-duplex) or two way (full-duplex) which is already fixed. The driver’s travel time to person in Haryana is propagation time.

Now the driver has reached to person in Haryana and the recipient person told him to put the 1crore bag in his godown (because he has a lot of previous money, he is counting). The bag is now being stored in Godown, this storing in godown is somewhat resembles as Queuing time or Buffer time (some person might have bigger godown means more buffer space).

The driver has was gone. Now the person is already counting money bag by bag came in the godown, orderwise. The person now picks the bag and takes out money and starts counting money worth 1 crore. He could be fast, he could be slow (depends he uses the machine to count or fingers). The time it took to count 1 Crore is somewhat resembled to be Processing Time, the person is happy now and he sents a call back to the sender of the money assures that money is received, this phase is giving Acknowledgment.

Complete Picture of Protocol Terminologies:


Now the little-bit bookish(technical) way of telling the terms:

Transmission Time: The amount of time taken by a sender to load the last bit of packet onto the link.

Propagation time: the time it took to travel to another side of the link by last bit of packet.

Queuing time: the time it took in waiting in the buffer of the receiver (or sender). (normally taken as negligible time)

Processing time: The time it took to process a packet, understand, after picking out from the buffer.

Truck Driver might meet with an accident then money never reached the person that resembles the loss of a packet. There could also happen, the recipient grabbed the money and while calling back to the sender, the call didn’t connect so it could resemble as to retransmit the packet because the call of acknowledgment was never received.

That’s all folks. I hope you understood protocol terminologies easily.

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