Facebook offers many features to interact with others post, one of them is using recorded comments. We’ll together go through the process of how can we post recorded comments easily.

Installing Extension

  • First of all, you need to install Talk and Comment extension in your chrome browser.

Install Talk and Comment Extension

Editing Options

  • So after installing the extension, a new tab will open asking for permission to use your microphone. In case a new tab does not open, click on the small MIC icon you see near the address bar of your browser’s window, followed by options on the bottom of that small window.

Record & Post on Facebook

facebook voice comment
Talk & Comment Extension
  • That Browser window will ask you for permission of using your microphone. Simply give access to extension by clicking on the Allow button.
  • After giving access to your microphone simply visit any Facebook status update on which you would like to post audio comments. There you would see small MIC icon, Simply press that to record your voice, as you would have done on messenger or on Whatsapp to record your voice.
  • After you have recorded your voice release that icon to upload an audio note. Then once the uploading is done you will get a link to the uploaded audio note.
  • Now just press enter to post your comment and your comment will get transformed into a player. You can click on the play button to listen to your recorded audio.


So this was all about this Talk and Comment Extension which allows us to post audio comments. So guys enjoy posting audio comments on your friend’s updates and be the first one to post audio comments rather than those old written comments.

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