ROCK LEE has been an inspiring character of the Manga series “Naruto”, the guy with bushy eyebrows who is the pinnacle of his training regime. He works hard with determination to beat others but first to himself alone. If you can beat yourself and become good with increasing the capability of beating your challenges day by day (which I got as a moral of the story), then you can unleash powers within yourself.

Rock Lee & Bruce Lee

A Healthy person who wants to look perfect and mature in all aspects of his activities are backed by usual reasons of eye-pleasing to communities because of their health consciousness or a real strong will to commit as a habit. Former is common than the latter. However, But it’s hard for newcomers to DNA it into their routine. A gradual increase in load can work for excellent results, not just putting the effort in one day which you got by motivation and gives you body pains for 2 weeks. It a series of putting effort layer after layer.

Rock Lee Gate Release


He has chakra, as we humans also have but not in full usage, we can set goals but achieving them is most of the time gets distracted by other activities called “Procrastination” or delaying tasks. Here’s how you can gradually start doing push-ups with steps of initiator which don’t harm your comfort and body for the first day.

Let’s Do it.


Woke up in the morning? Good. If not, do it. It’s very fresh time and you must remember that doing 100 push-ups is your goal and you cant do it one day by stressing your body so, start by doing 10 on the first day and get your body to warm up by doing that. After that, you can have an exercise gap to not make stress on your body to the pain you, do a push-up on alternate days. Like Monday, Wednesday, Friday (you can choose). At least for the first week.


Then increase your capacity, do 20, do 30 in days or weeks as you prefer but gradually increase don’t take shortcuts, do it with good posture (record yourself with posture). you should be satisfied at the end of the day when you pushed yourself with 10 more and proudly say “I’m getting nearer to the goal and one day I’ll accomplish”

Nutrition is vital


Foods affect your body and give from good to the best results. you can eat Eggs. Eggs are a great way to repair the muscle fiber you have stressed during exercise. It has Protein, you can find other protein sourcing foods.

Here are some Recommendations:

  • Multivitamins – Men & Women (for the absorption of those macronutrients)

These are some great nutrient-rich foods to take ur training to the next level. Importantly knowing food having good and bad effects on your body and taking it from there.

Building Endurance

The point of doing a gradual increase from 10 to 30 to 50 to 80 then 100 is to buildup your endurance. You can vary the pace from slow to fast as you reach 100. Ok, now when you reach your 100th push-up and you drop everything as the last one completes, don’t forget to tap on your back and cheer for your self.


But, Its not over yet, you should keep practicing, regularly doing a push-up to maintain the flow of your body. Try different styles of push-up and achieve that style by this algorithm of gradual endurance increase (yes, that’s what I call it). At the end of the day, you should realize that it’s your body and no other person’s workout will affect your body (if someone has done that, I’m jealous). Protect someone if you can, with your muscles for good.

Live Long with an awareness of your body needs, Cheers!
I’m greatest fan of Rock lee, he is an inspiration.

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