Digital Marketing has been compared parallel with Data Science these days. And definitely can’t deny the hype it created over the past half-decade.

On my decision to look at online methods of sales and learning behind the scenes of top ways of digital marketings, I had searched for people who are actually doing for long and stumbled upon on a popular name in digital marketing from India: Digital Deepak.

I had previously come to know about him at the Online Digital Conference. But as there were many speakers, I deviated and ended up giving time to other things. But I had bookmarked Deepak’s newsletter at one point, which led me to get his Revelation announcement of the first batch on Internship for digital marketing.

It just complimented my plans to learn and spent time actually doing Digital marketing and get guided by mentor along the way.

Now, Over the Internship progress, I have shared Learnings and Lessons are discussed in my Session Notes for each session. But here, let me give a brief review and highlights of overall the Internship program and how it all went, although it’s not over yet.

Here’s an Unbiased Learner’s Review:

Earning with Assignment

The Internship was structured to provide a reward for the interns as they successively progress in implementing assignments. Some of my previous Session notes have been a part of it. And to my understanding, it turned out to be actually a good strategy for interns, as they get demotivated to leave the journey but the reward aspect keeps it committed to core objective.

Value of Internship

At the start of the program, I became unsure about how the power words of a digital marketer will stand for long and whether will I get value if I participate as an intern. Now about reaching till half of the program, I can gauge the value and the way of Deepak’s communication is good to give an insight of, what digital marketer might do or at least as how a beginner’s skill set must be.

I was also able to understand the things how digital marketers would approach his earning and monetization by Watching Deepak suggesting affiliate links to most of his tools and website over the session to interns. Enabling me to know the process of affiliate marketing goes hand in hand.

Content Learned

The Content of the internship was designed to acquire the skill to develop Integrated digital marketing Schema.


Going over the internship on how it was structured. I delved into the understanding that :

  • How important it is to understand and market opportunities and appropriately selecting the niche by doing keyword research tools.
  • The mindset of digital marketers to adopt for communication and engagement to the target reader (or customer avatar) through psychology. (Even some books are helpful in this case)
  • The Components of Digital marketing, and the interrelation between them to drive sales through building Landing pages with sales copy.
  • He gave some of his courses for Free to interns allowing us to promote and resell with reseller license. Leading to opportunity for affiliate marketing.

As the part of a lead generation, interns were to build Next batch of Internship with Digital Deepak, which you can signup here:

Internship with Digital Deepak (Batch 2) – February 5th, 2020

Social Engagement

Although it was called to be in an “Internship”, Not quite from the normal term we know, it had more interns count in hundreds in this internship program. It felt like part of a Webinar to some aspect where people attend and engage with the host. But having a social spot such as Facebook group and Telegram (announcement and alerts only) to socialize and help each other being the difference.


So Overall in a brief, If I were to give a brief of overall experience till the mid of internship (although reviews are supposed to be after something is used to experience in full) :

It is a good program to get mentorship by attending the live session and asking doubts. Driven by the rewards on assignments implementation, I was able to increase my completion rate than mostly on course purchases. Getting to know the marketing midset and “Inside” insights into the working of digital marketers. Adding along with perks provided by the mentor Deepak Kanakaraju over the program

I hope you can decide whether to go for the program based on my experience. But if you decide to do so, then go ahead and signup: