It’s been like four days from the last session and another power pill on digital marketing followed up on a very essential topic, developing “Customer Avatar

Something I heard for the very first time, built upon the previous topic of Targeting the Correct audience with Market Opportunities. It could be thought as Gold is being cleaned from the dust after extraction. Bringing the shine with understanding audience needs and goals.

But to make better out of it, I hope you’ve read previous Session 1 Notes.

Traits of a Better Marketer

Better Digital Marketer

The session built upon, on a note of wisdom “Our Mistakes are our Future Benefits“, meaning — skills of anyone improves when he continually work upon it.

Clearly, Communication is a major skill in the core of digital marketing which drives the conversation. Being able to conversate 1 to 1 is essential to be able to conversate with many people.

An Important note described was being Authentic as a primary factor, for better communication. Of course, there’s an ocean of fake people hiding the motive from their audience. But to be able to Attract and Impact, being original is very essential in the long run of every aspect of life — family, friend & audience. Making us stand away, with an audience who values our true authenticity when we add own personal life experiences with them.

Another takeaway for becoming better marketers was to overcome what we fear and gain life experiences. Be it be traveling, public speaking or learning new things, it reinforces gaining more life experiences.

Define your Audience

Defining the target audience comprises an ideal person (or avatar) whose problem becomes our primary focus to address through our solutions. Some of the key takeaways were:

  • Asking People (family friends, public audience) questions in regards to demographics (age, occupation, etc.) & psychographics (interests, goals, fears, etc.) & boiling down to model one ideal person.
  • Thinking as if interacting with a single person, by joining their ongoing mental conversations & not by creating a new conversation. (Ex: “How to remove fat in a week” — here, fat being their mental conversation, solved by us in a week).
  • Create a flow for readers by holding their interest line after line, (Headline > First line > Second line.. so on).
  • Addressing a person by their first name, interacting through calls, surveys makes people feel they already know you during the first meeting.

Focus on Center, not the Border

While targeting, it is important to not focus on the outer rim & write to the core audience, where the maximum impactful people would be present.

Creating Customer Avatar

It was interesting to watch a live demo of a customer avatar build on the session when the mentor went ahead and conducted a survey on attendees. It became clear that there were a lot of people attending. Out of those answers, some major answers with heavy responses & combined answers with little difference were picked up to resemble attributes of customer avatar.


It was about time, to brainstorm my ideal person (Customer Avatar), by thinking about what his goals, pain points, interest and would be. So, I went ahead and worked my own customer avatar survey, which you can fill below:

Self-Development Customer Avatar:

After sharing my customer avatar survey with the public and across social media, I received a couple of responses, which gave me an idea of my customer’s demography as well as psychography.

Subhash: Customer Avatar

Some of the insights I’ve gained from Customer avatar survey are :

  • Cleverly, my Indian customer avatar name is Subhash, who is a college graduate.
  • He is at the age of 28, with a median of 1 – 6 lakh/yr earnings.
  • He deals with mental issues due to high-stress routine and low-quality sleep.
  • He has very little knowledge of nutrition which makes him eat outside most of the time.
  • He appears to be engaging in online learning and buys new courses to keep him on edge.
  • He tends to read books on an average, one per month.
  • He wants to actively improve his personality through researched results and products.
  • He worries about dealing with peoples in the workplace (ex: firing people, imposter syndrome, etc), delay in goals and learning management in life.

So, those were the summary of my fictional customer avatar, which I’m continuously hoping to improve with more data.

But over the course of thinking and understanding data, it gave me a better look for shaping one person in a pool. Again, I’m gaining much more here, by understanding the depth of fundamentals that play the part of a marketer. I’m thankful to the mentor providing his generic template for saving time. Looking forward to learn from the next segment in integrated digital marketing.