Health risks increase unconsciously as time passes away while you are binging through various shows, seasons like Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and youtube’s web series like Cobra Kai, etc. Its Fun isn’t it, to satisfy the urge of completing one more episode and it won’t hurt. Absolutely it doesn’t hurt the producer of the content, happily getting million views and engagement over the show.

It is YOU who is getting unknowingly hurt or so-called “Self-Sabotaged“, how you may ask? Well in some following ways you’ll get to know part of it. So here it goes:

Lack of Mental Focus

Mental Dullness

The thing is, the work you were supposed to do, is yet to be completed instead of eating away by the binge shows. When you watch all the series, it consumes the energy you needed to get that core thing get done, meanwhile, tissue breakdown in your brain happens and the waste from it gets clogged up giving you a headache or creates a “need to rest” similar feeling. The guilt of that has a huge impact resulting in huge health risks. A lot of related effects also take place like Mental Fog making you unclear to think.

This impacts your ability to flow in and from work. Without focus, everything becomes a distraction and none of the tasks reaches its completion or rather stalled.

Health risks from Irregular Diets

Junk Eating habits

The belief of stretching the hunger to extreme levels like “Food can wait until our scene gets finished.” BUT these small “waits” creates the irregularity to what the body needs. And the body needs nourishment, at regular times no questions asked. Of course, it’s a necessity that can’t be delayed. But show binging leads to delay and ultimately the starvings leading to your vital systems affecting badly.

Lack of Good Posture

Lack of correct posture

A lot of unconscious satisfying poses while watching any show is unrecorded. It feels so good to get engaged in those postures, the downside of it unknown which later gets down to back pain, neck pain/block, etc. BUT who cares right? as long as we are “at the moment”. Its a precaution for taking the body to longer journey, and for that a good posture plays a vital role for sure. Muscle stiffness tends to occur when we actually want to work on other things. So it would be advisable to practice correct postures and be aware of postures each time.

Forgetting Value of Time


Binge-watching or consuming digital content not only affects the body but also affects our values. The amount we spend on consumptions takes us away from noticing the time spent on it. And we end up forgetting the value we should be giving into different activities. 

Feeling of Solitude


Caging ourselves into consumption, restricting physical movements has adverse effects however, Consuming contents is not harmful as long as we keep about relations outside of our room too. But we tend to forget and given little value to communication to give everything to a screen for hours, making our fewer hormones to release when we don’t interact, leading to depression out of “caged” feel. Being aware of such situations and not letting ourselves immerse ourselves in the digital world would be the remedy to solitude and depression.

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